Living Sculpture Projects

Five Arches. Woodstock, VT.

Five Elm Arches

Residence, Woodstock, VT.

Five arches curving gently in a 58 foot procession.

Crepe Myrtle Arch Project,  Gainesville, Fl.

Crepe Myrtle Arch

Kanapaha Botanical Garden, Gainesville, Fl.

Two Crepe Myrtle trees (white and purple flowered) forming an arch over an entrance to a children's garden.

Sycamore Bench, Gainesville, Fl.

Sycamore Bench

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, Gainesville, FL.

A concrete bench with two Sycamore trees grafted together at each end.

Bike Tree. Putney, VT.

Bike Tree

Residence, Putney, VT.

A decade after it's inception, the Bike Tree is ready to be harvested.

Bannister Tree. DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park

Bannister Trees

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA.

In 1991, 11 Elm trees were grafted, one to the next, going uphill.

Box. Putney, VT.


Residence, Putney, VT.

Four Elm trees wrapped around a plywood box and grafted at the top.

Box Frame. Putney, VT.

Box Frame

Residence, Putney, VT.

This is a very fun project I didn't start early enough for my kids to actually get to use as a jungle gym ... imagine a living play ground!

Boat Frame. Putney, VT.

Boat Frame

Residence, Putney, VT.

Building a better boat frame, apple trees.

Forsooth. Putney, VT.


Residence, Putney, VT.

Two Sycamore trees grafted over the top of a pink marble insert.

Lattice. Putney, VT.

Lattice Trees

Various Locations

Grafted Tree Lattice is easy to make by planting trees crossed at a diagonal and weaving the branches and the trees together.

Marble tree. Rutland, VT.

Marble Tree

Quarry, Rutland, VT.

A single Elm tree was planted on top of a massive marble block.

Tilted Circle. Knoxville, TN.

Tilted Circle

Halls High School Outdoor Learning Center, Knoxville, TN.

Three Sycamore trees planted at an angle leaning around a circle like dancers.

Upright Frame. Putney, VT.

Upright Frame

Residence, Putney, VT.

Crabapple trees brought together and grafted and then separated to form a frame slightly tilted away from the original plain.

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